Versailles gave us 10 puppies on January 17th! We were expecting 7 and got 10! So here's the breakdown of this large litter: 3 brown boys, 3 brown girls, 1 white boy and 3 white girls. Go to our 'Current Litter ' page for more photos and information on these little ones.

image_50381057 (1).jpg
Clarabel, pink 6 weeks A.JPG
Heidi 2 weeks.JPG

We are retiring from breeding due to health reasons. Sage and Arden have been adopted into a loving homes. Thank you to everyone who chose us and trusted us to raise your Standard Poodle for your family. We love to know how you and your Poodle are doing. Please feel free to send us a text, or post an update on Facebook.

For those who are in the process of finding a breeder, I recommend writing down what is important to you. Prioritize this list. Top considerations should include health testing, how and where the puppies are raised, the temperament, as well as the health and conformation of the parent dogs. Do you feel comfortable with the breeder and their contract? Other considerations are: do they utilize ENS and temperament evaluations; do they dock tails; what is their immunization protocol; what food is fed at what stages; do you get to vist; is the puppy selected for you; do you alone pick your puppy; does the breeder help choose a puppy for your needs; how much are you willing to spend and/or travel; what color or sex do you want; does color or sex matter to you; do you want a dog that is ring worthy, or pet quality; is temperament more important than conformation, or are both equally important to you; what known health issues are in the lines; at what age do you want to spay or neuter you puppy; how does the waiting list work? Health guarantees are common, but read carefully to see what situations would really be covered. Honestly most health "guarantees" are not worth much. I hope this helps to organize your thoughts and provoke thinking about things you may not have thought of yet. Read all you can find about the breed, health and training. Best to you all.

Lincoln at the Dam.JPG

  Northern Creek's Dark Lincoln Knight

Lincoln waited at the door for Gracie to return for two days after her visit. Both of these Poodles have endearing personalities..

Lincoln and Gracie's spring litter have all been placed in wonderful homes. We are grateful for each family who adopted our puppies.

   Summer's Graceful Moonlight             at Trillium Woods

Northern Creek's Dark Lincoln Knight


Summer's Graceful Moonlight at Trillium Woods

A deep thank you Teresa Towner for the opportunity to breed our intelligent and sweet Gracie to Northern Creek's Dark Lincoln Knight.

Two puppies out of this pairing were placed to be service dogs in training and we look forward to following their journey.

 The PDF to the left was written specifically for this litter, but will give you a good idea of how we operate. As a breeder, I am always glad to answer any questions about our program. Please don't hesitate to call: Bridget @ 1-231-360-3791.


Oban & Versailles' Fall 2019 Litter

6 weeks, Willow.jpg
6 weeks Autumn.jpg

Pictures of Oban and Versailles' fall 2019 litter, taken by Cedar and Sage Photography.

6 weeks, 3 puppy romp.jpg
6 weeks Fern.jpg
6 weeks, the finger lick.jpg
6 weeks, Forrest.jpg

Above and above right are pictures of Autumn, living in Texas.


10 Reasons to Choose a Trillium Woods Standard Poodle Puppy

1. In home raised and loved 

2. Our focus and passion is solely for the Standard Poodle breed.

3. Natural tails and intact dew claws 

4. Genetic health testing completed with puppy guarantee.

5. Low protocol immunization schedule

6. Only 1-2 litters a year

7. Parents chosen for health, temperament, and conformation.

8. Puppy Culture practiced for optimal development.

9. Trillium Woods public Facebook page and  private group page for owners.

10. Individual attention in placing the correct puppy with your family!

Dexter loves playing Frisbee!

Aries on bench.jpg

Aries (above) is precociously going through her service dog training for medical alert and counter balance work.

Gracie (above) is in a guardian home as a potential future mom for Trillium Woods. Point of interest: Gracie is being taught to hunt!

Fern, she always looks great! Fern is another one of our Standards being trained for medical alert and counter balance. Her 'mom' is also a professional groomer! 



Elsa of Trillium Woods

Elsa standing square 2019.jpg


6 weeks, Fern with leaf.jpg
Cedar & Sage Photography features Versailles and Oban's  summer 2019 litter.
6 weeks portrait 3.jpg
6 weeks, Me with two of the puppies.jpg
6 weeks Willow.jpg

Trillium Woods Standard Poodles is located in Howell, MI. We have placed our puppies as far away as Texas, Seattle, Eastern PA and Canada. However, where air travel is involved, we do require new puppy owners to fly into Metro Detroit Airport. We cooperate with "in cabin" puppy flights only. Reasonable delivery fees are applicable for airport and road transportation, if supplied. References always available.

6 weeks Fern.jpg
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