Elsa's sweet face 2019.jpg

Elsa of Trillium Woods, 2019 RETIRED

Versailles Standing 2019.jpg

Versailles, Spring 2019

Oban standing on leash 2019.jpg

Oban, Spring 2019 (Oban is less than a year old here and his color has been clearing. Cedar and Sage Photography does our professional pictures. Soon we'll have current pictures added to our page. 

Welcome to Trillium Woods Standard Poodles. We are a hobby breeder of AKC Standard Poodles located in Michigan. My husband and I raised four children and are proud grandparents now! Raising Standard Poodles is a hobby of mine, along with competitive rowing. I could not do either without the support of my husband.

While raising children, our family enjoyed the companionship of a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Hunter. We have chosen to breed the Standard Poodle because of their intelligence, non-shedding coat, trainability, intuition, sense of humor, athleticism, beauty/handsomeness and size. Is that enough?!

After two years of talking to breeders and saving, we purchased Elsa, our foundation bitch for Trillium Woods. We have been very pleased with Elsa's conformation, personality and health. Elsa produced three litters over six years. We are grateful to have Arden and Blue like Jazz out of Elsa of Trillium Woods and Mithril Rockin the Prairieland! Elsa is now retired and living with a family in Charlevoix.

Out of Elsa's first litter we also kept Versailles, who has grown up to be an elegant cafe-au-lait AKC Standard Poodle. Versailles stands a good inch taller than her mother and has a refined conformation and a sweet personality. We chose her based on conformation, temperament and health testing. As an adult, she loves to be wherever you are, proving to be a good watch dog who may have made a good hunting dog based on her interest in all wildlife.

We recently added Oban to our small pack. Oban was born on the banks of the Mississippi. He is out of an active hunting stud and an incredibly docile dam. There is a story behind him too long to share here, just ask sometime. He was pegged by the breeder as having therapy potential and my vet has affirmed that. Oban is the father to our Summer 2019 litter. We were extremely pleased with what he produced regarding temperament, conformation, service potential and coat.


Our goal is to breed healthy and intelligent dogs that are well balanced, with plenty of personality to qualify as a treasured addition to your family. That does not mean we disregard conformation. I think you will find our Standards to be fine pet quality Standards.

We do not dock tails or remove dew claws. We practice low protocol immunizations with our adult dogs and focus on core, age appropriate immunizations for our puppies. Our Standards are fed good quality dog foods such as Taste of the Wild, Fromm Heartland and Dr. Gary's Best Breed. Expecting and lactating bitches are supplemented with satin balls and goat's milk. You can read more on our Standards and policies by opening the Word document found on our 'Current Litter' page and below.