Mithril Rockin the Prairieland

Rockin the Prairieland.jpg

We are incredibly grateful to Betty Johnson at Prairieland Standard Poodles for allowing us to breed Elsa to Rocky. He's truly a beautiful example of our breed. We would be proud and consider ourselves blessed to be entrusted with his lines. Rocky is out of Mithril, Osea and Pinnafore Standard Poodles. Although we are breeding for therapy and service potential, we see that his show lines are apparent in his solid conformation. Rocky lacks nothing in personality, as I can personally attest to from our visits to Peoria.

 Elsa of Trillium Woods

 AKC  Standard Poodle

Meet our "Elsa of Trillium Woods", an AKC & UKC registered Standard Poodle. Elsa is a black, possibly blue, Standard Poodle standing at 25" and weighing about 65 lbs. Elsa still appears very black at 5 years old even coming out of a blue dam an apricot sire! Elsa is the alpha dog of our three.  She bears the nickname 'Snow Queen', bestowed upon her by our oldest son. And, yes, that name pretty much describes her personality: powerful, beautiful, playful and well poised, while still able to bring second thoughts to the stranger who appears at our door. We've been quite pleased with her conformation and intelligence and are keen to continue her line. Elsa had socialization training in public places including public buildings, parking lots, parks and busy downtown sidewalks and businesses. When Elsa was a year old, we took a few show classes to learn how to correctly show in the ring. Unfortunately, at that same time, I fractured my foot, which required surgery. We have not returned to that venture yet, but are considering pursuing UKC shows between litters. (Why she is dual registered.)

Elsa's health testing includes: a CAER/OFA eye exam (6/15), which was normal in both eyes; and genetic testing for Neonatal Encephalopathy and von Willebrand's, both negative through Vetnostic Laboratories. We have not had her hips tested, although we have access to her mother and one sibling's results. I am open to questions about Standard Poodles and hip testing. We're all learning, and part of the joy of breeding is attaining new knowledge and experiences.  Elsa's first litter was born in January 2017 and delighted us with their wonderful dispositions. She whelped a small litter in the summer of 2017 out of Asher. Her final litter was out of Rocky, from which we have retained two girls for the future of Trillium Woods. Elsa is now retired and living in Charlevoix, MI.

Versailles of Trillium Woods

Versailles was born here at Trillium Woods, a daughter out of Elsa and Morty. She was bred to Atticus and has whelped a litter of 10 beautiful puppies on January 17th, 2019. Versailles brings us a tall, slender and elegant cafe-au-lait AKC Standard Poodle who is a sweet girl to have around. If not at your feet, she's certainly in the room. She has proven herself to be an excellent mother and I'm grateful that I waited for this quiet introvert to mature into a nicely centered girl. Versailles has proven to produce large litters of beautiful puppies! Oban and Versailles in particular produced nice therapy and service potential pups. Five were temperament tested then subsequently three were selected by experienced service dog handlers. One girl was flown to Texas to become a therapy dog in training. There is no better reward in dog breeding than this; actually fulfilling our initial goal we set out for over seven years ago!  Unfortunately, Versailles is no longer with us.

Versailles was tested clear for DM and is clear by parentage for NE and VW. 

Versailles Standing 2019.jpg

   Oban of Trillium Woods

Oban in Indy.jpg

Oban in Indianapolis, where I met him. There is a story behind this. Let's just say I was on my way to pick up his brother! I would expect many puppies out of Oban and Versailles to have his coloring.

Oban sitting handsomely 2019.jpg
Oban standing on leash 2019.jpg
Oban close up of face 2019.jpg
Oban checking in 2 2019.jpg
Rozey K9's Mr. Atticus Finch.jpg

Rozey's Mr. Atticus Finch

Atticus contributed a wonderful championed pedigree of brown and black, health tested, AKC Standard Poodles to our winter 2019 litter with Versailles. Atticus has been health tested as well as many dogs in his line. We were also very pleased with his personality. He does seem to have passed this on to his puppies.


Our goal isn't to breed show Poodles, but we desire proper conformation, health, and a winning personality that the Standard Poodle is famous for. Karri at Rozey K-9 Farm, and her daughter, were quite instrumental in making this breeding a success. I am indebted to them for their knowledge, experience and persistence in this breeding. when selecting a stud dog, I ask myself," Would I be proud to produce this dog?". In this case it was a YES! You can read and see more of Atticus at 

In this photo you can see that a Standard Poodle can be kept in a "Doodle Trim". Formal Poodle trims are what many prospective owners don't like about the breed. There is no reason your Poodle can't don a teddy bear cut and still not shed! Poodles are a VERSATILE breed!

LaFleche's Mortimer Moose

       Morty was the handsome father to Elsa's first litter. Morty is a silver-beige tuxedo tri-colored AKC registered Standard Poodle owned by Molly LaFleche. He stands at 24" and weighs 55 pounds. Morty has had his hips and elbows tested, as well as genetic testing for vonWillebrands and Degenerative Myelopathy. We found Morty to be a gentle guy who was friendly and calm. Just the disposition we wanted for the father of our puppies. Thank you, Molly for making this guy available for Elsa. Of lesser importance, Morty's coat is a much softer texture than Elsa's. I think this is a normal difference between a coarser black Standard's coat and the softer coats of lighter colored Poodles. Morty's pictures show the age progression of clearing for a silver beige. 

Morty 2017 10.jpg
Asher, It's All About That Face

Asher is a tricolored Standard Poodle whom we co-owned with Molly's Darling Doodles. He is a stunning boy who has excellent OFA hips, clear of eye disease and tested clear of NEWS, VonWolebrands and PRA/PRCD. He is a carrier for DM so we are only offering limited registration on his offspring. We have decided not to continue using Asher in our program. He has been rehomed.